WUKA® Supreme Winter Period Gift set

WUKA® Supreme Winter Period Gift set

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This is our Supreme WUKA® Winter Period Gift Set, worth £103 for £80

  • Three WUKA® Medium Period Pants in Black rrp £59.97
  • One WUKA® 72cm Hot Water Bottle with cosy fleece cover £24.99
  • One WUKA® Handmade Washbag rrp £15.99
  • One Fairafric Ethical Chocolate Bar from Ghana rrp £2.99

This is our Supreme WUKA® Winter Period Gift Set! Let's look at what's in the box:

One WUKA® Medium flow Period Pants

  • Holds 15ml of your flow or around 2-3 tampons worth.
  • Soft and comfy cotton undies. Bikini style. Quicker drying.
  • Machine wash at 40° and line dry. 

One WUKA® 72cm Hot Water Bottle with super cosy Fleece Cover.

Our new 100% natural rubber Hot Water Bottle comes with a white cotton tie to hold it snugly around your tummy or back, to ease and soothe those period aches and pains. It also has a pocket to keep your hand toasty.
See care guide here

One WUKA Washbag 

Exclusively handmade in Nepal, the WUKA wash bag is made of a hand woven fabric called "Dhaka" to our exclusive WUKA Wear design. By making our WUKA wash bag in Nepal, you will support local, women run, business all the way from the weaving of fabric to the making of the bag.

One Fairafric Ethical Chocolate Bar 

This delicious bar of organic Fairafric chocolate produced in the country where 60% of the world's cocoa beans grow. This bar supports Ghanaian farmers and local workers to have a fair share of the profits. We hope you'll be blown away by the quality and richness of flavour.

All wrapped in a seasonal red bow – the perfect gift for your best female friend – mum, sister or daughter!