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Got the 1st period pack for my daughter, she has found the book so useful & informative & has made her feel more confident about her changing body.

WUKA Perform™ Seamless Midi - Heavy Flow - 7 Full Switch Set
Bex B
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Comfortable and reliable! As some one who has a heavy flow it’s a comfort to know I am protected and won’t end up in an awkward situation because of leaks

Comfortable and stylish.

I love these pants,they are super comfortable. I don't have periods anymore, I'm a retiree so past that stage. I purchased these before and they are lovely to wear as my everyday undies so I decided to buy more. They wash very well and dry quickly too dispite the padding. I don't have incontinence but I'm always worried about exercise leaks happening. These are for peace of mind. They also have a bit of tummy support too. Always a plus for me.

Excellent fit

These pants fit me really well and stay up with no rolling down. Great for feeling secure while on your period

High waist light leak pants

I love these knickers they are brilliant for me I have bought a few pairs so comfortable.

Just start using it seems amazing

I will follow up on my review after few months of wearing it. It seems amazing so for easy to wash and comfortable compared to the others I have use. It would be nice it it comes in other colours like dark brown etc

Looked great but too big

I don’t know if I assumed the sizing was UK and it was US but anyway these looked great and I’m sure would work but I’ve returned them because they were way too big.

Emergency purchase first period and holiday looming!

Purchased the swim bottoms urgently after my teen daughter started her period 5 days before holiday. The item was received swiftly and did exactly what we hoped and allowed her to swim and not miss out on holiday fun. She is 12 years old, wears a size 4-6 in ladies clothes and the XS sizing was perfect x

Comfortable but don't fit the way I'd hoped

Yes they are the most comfortable period thongs I have and they do stretch. Perfect for wearing at home, during the night or on walks. I personally don't know if I'd be able to wear them out when wearing tight fitted clothes. They are not uncomfortable when sat down or laying down which is amazing.
I was hoping for comfort, a good fit and especially no camel.
The comfort is definitely there. The material is really soft too which I like. The fit however, it's odd on me, they are not too tight and they are way too raised for my liking, I don't like knickers which lift up all the way to my waist. If I were to leave them to to sit lower, they form a pouch and don't sit close to my skin.
The sides also roll in a way in which after a while it appears as if it's a thing string. They do unfortunately dig in, not in an uncomfortable way though but I like my underwear to sit nicely and just flow with my body to give a pleasant look if I wear tight fitting clothing. The gusset is wide, but it's almost too wide to the point where it sort of gathers around the area forming lumps and forming a camel which I unfortunately do not like.
Although it is wide enough in the bottom area, as soon as they're past the private area, it leaves my hip very exposed. I was hoping these would be my go to gym thongs and was looking forward to ordering the black when they came back in stock but at this point I think I will stop here. I am glad I ordered them to see what they're like.
I think it would be a good idea to have a S M, L, XL to offer a better fit because 2 sizes certainly don't fit all as there's different size girlies out there and height also comes into play so whilst on myself (average hight and size S-M) they may be too high up, on someone taller they may fit perfectly. I would have liked it they were Brazilian fit in terms of how high they go (don't want this to get confused with low raise because that's also not what I'm after, so somewhere in the middle)


I absolutely love these pants!! I noticed a HUGE difference in the lack of pain when wearing these today, it was like my ovaries were being hugged. Will definitely being buying more of these, highly recommend if you do suffer with strong pain throught your periods!!

Fantastic quality

Bought these for my 14 year old daughter and she has said it’s the best purchase ever & she feels like she’s wearing a normal pair of knickers & doesn’t feel a pass at all, bought 3 to try but will be buying more, lovely feeling material also


The best period underwear I have ever used! Never using another brand again

I am obsessed!

I am obsessed with the boxer briefs. As someone who goes to the gym everyday sometimes I can feel really self conscious. But now I’m feeling confident and leak free! Highly recommend!

Absolutely love it!

It's just great :)


Absolutely brilliant for the gym!
My only issue is I came up slap bang between sizes so went bigger and wish I'd gone smaller, but they still work great and are very very comfy!

My Teenage Daughter

My daughter who is 12 has 5 pairs of the WUKA wear pants and she absolutely loves them. They are comfy, she feels confidence when doing sport because she can run around without worrying about leaking.

They have been a gamechanger
I would definitely recommend

So comfy

So comfy, I forgot I was even wearing them!

Thank you for letting me trial Boxer before it launched

I was one of the first person to get try WUKA's new boxer. I gave it to my teen - Teen Boxer Period Underwear, and they are amazing! She said this was super comfortable and did not ride up, and she slept on them all night.
She is 15 and really conscious about the lines in her leggings too, so she was happy as it was invisible.

Very comfy

They fit perfect I use them in my Ashtanga yoga class amazing. You don’t feel anything and you feel safe

They have been a gamechanger!

My daughter who is 12 has 5 pairs of the wukawear pants and she absolutely loves them. They are comfy, she feels confidence when doing sport because she can run around without worrying about leaking
They have been a gamechanger
I would definitely recommend

Comfortable and chic - something that has been lacking in the market for menstruating women.

Thank you for making natural and very practical panties for me.
They are able to hold me up all day although I also use a reusable panty liner from WUKA.

Great value period pants

Very comfortable soft cotton and absorbent. I would like slightly higher coverage and other colours, not just black, thinking of summer clothes, hence 4 stars rather than 5. But Wuka are definitely the best brand I have tried.


Absolutely love these, so comfortable to wear. Theyre so good, Im going to order more

Keeping it green

These are a lovely fabric fit well and feel nice wash and dry easily. Have bought more than once

The greener option

Like the fact quick and easy to wash and dry