Overall, I was massively impressed with these – I had a slight concern that they might not actually work, but they smashed all my expectations.

Sian Thomas

My first impression in donning a small-size pair of WUKA underwear was how comfortable they were.

Kimberley Mok

"My daughter has special needs and this time of the month is a bit of a pain but these solved all her problems. No leakage even in first couple days and night time. 

Susan K

I was however, pleasantly surprised - the fit was good the underwear felt very comfortable and not bulky at all.


I liked wearing them at night, I preferred wearing them to wearing reusable sanitary towels at night.

Anon tester

I wore them during my period and felt fine – yes after 26 years of doing it differently, it was a bit of a leap but we should leap sometimes.

Kate Holmes


Designed for the menstruating body

🙋🏻 Super soft and body hugging with plenty of coverage for reassurance. WUKA allows you free-flow avoiding the internal drying and health risks of tampons. 


Eco-friendly fabrics

🍃 Made from luxury fabrics derived from Beech tree fibres. Kind to the planet and your body. One WUKA replaces 100 tampons or pads from polluting the planet. Switch from menstrual cups to WUKA for simpler time of the month.


Designed in the UK

🇬🇧 We use ethical manufacturers so our workers get fair wages, working hours  and social benefits. Our super-absorbent fabric is also manufactured in the UK ensuring its of the highest quality. 

Leak free, even for even the heaviest period

We use a high tech absorbency layer that can absorb 200x its own weight in water and lock it in, it’s our secret sauce.



How does WUKA replace pads and tampons?

Combining material science and design has produced the world's most eco-friendly and comfortable period underwear. Check out how it works in our video.

Made with luxurious and environmentally friendly Lenzing® Micro-Modal fabric

Derived from Beech tree fibres, Micro-modal is a fabric with unparalleled comfort and eco-friendly to produce. It's also moisture wicking to keep you dry longer. It's also manufactured with 100% carbon neutral standards.

Blog posts

We Bleed. Period. “Let’s not be afraid of who we are” – a story of periods in Nepal.

We Bleed. Period. “Let’s not be afraid of who we are” – a story of periods in Nepal.

Most commercial sanitary pads are also made with single-use plastics, which will not decompose, and will create an even bigger plastic waste problem. While Ruby is convinced that using WUKA will always be more cost-effective in the long-term, and make an enormous impact on plastic waste reduction, it is understandable that short-term cost is a big issue in the country.
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Periods a-z

Relationships & Periods

Relationships & Periods

Although periods can be painful and emotionally difficult, hopefully understanding that it’s your “period” talking rather than you, and having that support and understanding from a partner can make your period easier - for you both! Then perhaps you can snuggle up with some chocolate and Netflix.. and who knows, maybe you’ll both end up in the shower. ;)
Veganism & Periods

Veganism & Periods


Understanding someone else's PMS

Mood disorders like PMS and PMDD can be a part of the bigger menstrual cycle. PMS can show itself through both physical and emotional symptoms. With PMDD there can be added psychological symptoms because PMDD further alters the hormone levels present in the body and mind.