Designed for the menstruating body

🙋🏻 Super soft and body hugging with plenty of coverage for reassurance. WUKA allows you free-flow avoiding the internal drying and health risks of tampons. 


Eco-friendly fabrics

🍃 Made from luxury fabrics derived from Beech tree fibres. Kind to the planet and your body. One WUKA replaces 100 tampons from polluting the planet.


Designed in Britain

🇬🇧 We use ethical manufacturers so our workers get fair wages, working hours  and social benefits.

Leak free, even for even the heaviest period

We use a high tech absorbency layer that can absorb 200x its own weight in water and lock it in, it’s our secret sauce.

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I was however, pleasantly surprised - the fit was good the underwear felt very comfortable and not bulky at all.


"My daughter has special needs and this time of the month is a bit of a pain but these solved all her problems. No leakage even in first couple days and night time. 


I liked wearing them at night, I preferred wearing them to wearing reusable sanitary towels at night.

Anon tester


Road testing our pre-release WUKA

Bryony (Bree) Farmer took some time out to try our underwear and give us her unfiltered views. Check it out.

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👗 From Sari rags to Wuka Wear,  where our story begins 📖 

I was born and brought up in beautiful Nepal 🇳🇵 where, upon turning 12, I saw a different side to my culture. Nachune, the Nepali name for period literally translates as 👋🏼 'untouchable', which is what women are told they are when they start to bleed.