CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

A big term for a simple set of ethical foundations. At WUKA we believe our company should tread lightly on this earth and leave no footprint behind. We also believe fair and equal pay is not optional. With our products we only work with suppliers who are prepared to work with us to improve the footprint of our products and to be transparent with their employment and environmental performance. WUKA was founded with a mission, one that puts social and environmental responsibility at its heart. 


One WUKA Period underwear replaces 100 or more disposable pads or tampons. Every tampon contains on average the same amount of plastic as 4 plastic bags. Tampon applicators are also commonly made of plastic. Menstrual pads also contain plastic liners. 

Design and manufacture

WUKA Period Wear

They are designed in UK and manufactured in China by a very experienced team who manufacture underwear for many famous brands.

Our manufacturer has ISO standard Audits, BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) Audits, Confidence in Textiles (Testing for harmful substances) and Walmart certification.

WUKA Wash bag

They are designed in UK and manufactured in Nepal. They are manufactured by a small team that provide good working conditions. We are working with the team in Nepal to provide good disclosure of all working conditions but we do have a local team on the ground there to work directly with the manufacturer.


WUKA Period Wear

Outer and Inner layer - Micro-modal generic. Selected due to its softness and moisture wicking properties. It is a type of rayon, a semi-synthetic cellulose fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, in this case from Beech trees. Our Micro-modal is used with other Spandex fibers to enable the generous stretch fit. 

Score: 4/5

Improvement: Traceable fabric with a closed loop manufacturing process.

Outer sides - Polyester. non-biodegradable, 20-100 year degrading lifecycle. selected for its strength to hold together multi-layered softer fabrics. It is the minority fabric in the garment and other materials are being sampled for future batches.

Score: 2/5

Improvement: Alternate fabric with equal strength and performance.

Black fabric Die. Under evaluation. 

Inner layer - Absorbant fabric. Man made blended fibres selected for its class leading absorbancy. 

Score: 2/5

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