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Welcome to the place on the internet where we talk about periods. This is place for discovering period trackers and period calculators to keep an eye on your menstrual health. We go in depth into topics that matter to you like period pain, symptoms, light and heavy periods aswell irregular periods. You might have questions about bleeding between periods, how long will your period last and of course for the young ones out there, when will your first period start and what should you expect. Our writers bring together the latest content and information to demystify your time of the month.

Three of the main reasons why women use contraception is to either prevent pregnancy, regulate periods, or manage period-related symptoms such as heavy bleeding and pain. This blog, we explain how they affect our period. Read more here.

Menstrual leave has often been the hot debated topic for last few years. In this blog we look into pros and cons of menstrual leave.
Have you needed to take time off work due to period pain? Share your experience with at

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2019 has been quite a year for us. We launched our Medium period pants, WUKA first period pack for teens, new wash bag designs, luxurious hot water bottle, and designed our first ever period gift set. Find out more about the top period news of 2019.


Around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. Exercise can help to ease menstrual cramps. In this blog we share six excerise routine that can ease your period cramps. Read out blog here.


This year we have created the perfect periodholiday gift for your girlfriend, mum, daughter, or best friend. By buying our gift set you will be giving your loved one a pair of WUKA medium flow absorbency pants, a Fairafic chocolate bar, a handwoven wash bag, and our brand new WUKA hot water bottle. Find out why?

Put simply, amenorrhea is when a woman is not having periods. There are two types of amenorrhea, primary and secondary. We have put together 7 facts about amenorrhea so that you can learn everything you need to know about it. Read the blog to find more about.


Every woman will start perimenopause at different ages, but on average, women will begin perimenopause around their late 40’s. In this blog we will share everything you need to know about perimenopause. Read here


This year we have created the perfect periodholiday gift for your girlfriend, mum, daughter, or best friend. By buying our gift set you will be giving your loved one a pair of WUKA medium flow absorbency pants, a Fairafic chocolate bar, a handwoven wash bag, and our brand new WUKA hot water bottle. Find out why?


Have you ever heard of adenomyosis? It’s pretty common, however, not many of us have come across it. The National Health Service (NHS) state that adenomyosis affects 1 in 10 women and is most common in women aged 40 - 50, only affecting 20% of women below the age of 40. Read here to find more ...


Did you know that you are more likely to get thrush in your 20’s and 30’s? And did you know that thrush affects ¾ of women at some point in their lives?Thrush is not a sexually transmitted infection (S.T.I) but may occur after having sex if you’ve had sex whilst your vagina feels tight or dry. Click here to find everything you need to know about thrush. Read more here...


Different cultures, religions, and tribes hold their own opinions. Some are oppressive while other beliefs empower and celebrate women and allow for spiritual experiences. For International Day of the Girl Child our blog focuses how menstruation is viewed all around the world.


There are many causes of pelvic pain which can be caused by conditions or diseases affecting the digestive, reproductive system, or the urinary tract. On occasions, the cause may not be known.

There are many reasons why women may experience pelvic pain, in this post we are going to look at 10 of them…


There are clear financial, health, and environmental reasons to make the switch to reusable period pants. Ditching the disposables and wearing WUKA pants can save you 12 months worth of period protection. Read here more to learn how much does your period cost...


Period sex is becoming less of a taboo and a topic people are beginning to feel comfortable to talk about.  There is no biological reason why people can’t have sex during their period, it is simply a case of personal preference. We have some tips on period sex and don't miss the song by Rachel Bloom

Periods start around the age of 10 and stop around the age of 50-55, which is known as menopause. Between the ages of 12 to 52, a menstruating person will have around 480 periods. 
This week let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about menstruation based on a 28-day cycle.


Did you know that you can use WUKA for postpartum bleeding? Our pants are made out of soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. The central layers include an absorbent layer that is uniquely used in our underwear that absorbs blood. Read all about postpartum bleeding and how you can use WUKA during it here. 


Have you realised just before or during your period you start to notice a change in your poop? It may be that you experience diarrhoea or loose stools, or you may have the opposite and become constipated. All we can say is it's normal. You can read more about period and poops here.


Do you want to learn more about toxic shock syndrome (TSS) and how you can prevent yourself from getting it? Of course you do, you want to do everything you can to keep yourself healthy and take care of your body. Keep reading to find out what toxic shock syndrome is, what can cause TSS, and how to identify the symptoms.


Did you know that 75% of menstruating people have had some symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and 5% of people have reported having severe symptoms that affect their daily life, known as Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)? Read more here:


Heavy periods are common and are not always a sign that there is an underlying health concern. Heavy periods can have an emotional and physical impact.

It can be hard to determine if someone is experiencing heavy periods as everyone’s periods are different. Read more here.


We answer the questions most teenagers have such as "when will i get my first period" and "How will I know when my periods are going to start?" and "Will my periods be regular from the outset?" and many more. Read on for more.


What is Spotting? And what are the causes of it?

Each month, women experience the natural process of having a period. But occasionally there can be a little bleeding in between periods. Let's find out why.


There are so many great digital apps out there that can help you track your menstrual cycle. From the most basic period tracker to comprehensive fertility planning, there is definitely something out there for you. We have a list of 7 period apps that we think could work for you. Check out our reviews.


We understand that talking to your daughter about her period is not always going to be easy. It’s such an important part of her life and it’s better that she gets her information from you rather than receiving the wrong advice from friends or misinterpreting content online. We have some tips for you this Fathers Day. Read on for more.


According to research, approximately 9-14% of 100 women have heavy periods.

Experiencing regular and/or heavy periods (menorrhagia) can lead to iron deficiency anaemia. There are various symptoms and stages of anaemia. If you have anaemia the good news is that there are medical and natural treatments you can try to boost your iron levels. Read more...


According to the National Health Service around 1 in 7 couples struggle to conceive. Struggling to get pregnant can place a strain on both you and your partner, emotionally and physically. There are various options available for couples to improve their fertility .
It’s a good idea to speak with your doctor before you try to conceive.

Whether you’re heading to the ski slopes, trekking into the Grand Canyon, camping, or lying by the poolside, being on your period is not something you want to deal with whilst travelling. Read more here


The NHS Cervical Screening programme saves an estimated 5,000 lives a year. It could be more – but 1.28 million women have missed their appointments when invited.1-in-4 women skip the cervical screening, with the proportion increasing to 1-in-3 among those aged 25 to 29, and 1-in-2 in more deprived regions of the UK. Read more here.


Period poverty is affecting girls and women all over the globe. This is having an impact upon their education, health, and in some countries, their safety. In this blog we will look what works are been done toward ending period poverty.


Menstruating during your exams can be difficult, you are already under some stress and now you have to deal with your period. Although being on your period doesn’t reduce your intelligence levels it can be a bloody distraction. This blog is for everyone who is preparing for their exams and are worried about managing period. We share some insights and tips on how to be prepared for your periods during exam.


Do you love running? What about running in your underwear? Sounds crazy? Well, it is, but why not come and have some fun joining WUKA and Mental Health Mates run the Vitality London 10K challenge to celebrate body positivity and, quite simply, YOU. On the 27th May 2019, we will be meeting in London to run the Vitality 10K and we’d love for you to join us.


Do you find yourself wondering about your fertility? Asking yourself questions such as, ‘Am I able to conceive?’ and ‘Are my periods ‘normal?’ Let’s take a look at what your menstrual cycle may be telling you. It’s important to remember that every woman is different and what’s important is that you understand what your cycle is saying to you.


Vaginismus is when an involuntary spasm occurs in the pelvic floor muscles when something is about to be inserted into the vagina. This could be a tampon, a menstrual cup, a speculum during a gynaecological exam, or penetrative sex. Find out more here:



Here at WUKA we are proud of our period pants and believe they are comfortable and reliable when it comes to wearing period protection. With different options of period products on the market, we wanted to use this post to take a closer look at the differences between WUKA pants, tampons and pads. Read here:


Many girls and women will experience period pain at some point in their lives, for some, it’s a monthly occurrence for others it’s sporadic. There are a number of ways to soothe and treat menstrual cramps and it can often be the case to try different treatments until you find something that works for you. Find more here:


Urinary incontinence also known as overactive bladder (OAB) is a global problem. Did you know you can wear WUKA for all your various types of weak bladder issues. Read on for lots of useful advice on managing an overactive bladder.


Having heavy or painful periods can be one of the most frustrating parts of your menstrual cycle. Nine out of ten women of reproductive age go through some type of painful period each month. Let's look at the causes, some classic and some modern remedies.


Did you know one in 3 women experiences PMS? Time we talk about it and share information on how to understand and manage PMS. Let's start with what actually is a PMS?



PCOS is a common health condition among women of reproductive age thats affects 10 million women in the world. Between 12 to 18 percent of women between late adolescence and menopause have this syndrome which leads to an increasing possibility of infertility. Despite its frequency, near 70 percent of these cases remain undiagnosed. Find more about PCOS here: 


It can be bad enough having a period every month; many of us get a range of PMS or premenstrual syndrome symptoms like menstrual cramps, irritability and mood swings, but period bloating is another level of challenge: do we really have to go through that as well? Find more on Period Bloating: Causes and ways to ‘beat the bloat’.

Around 90 percent of women experience PMS of some kind. PMS sometimes can be sometime a bonding moment for some while devastating separating moments for others. We have answered the most commomn question on how to react around someone who is experienceing PMS here.


With Valentine’s day in the air this week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to ask people about their periods and relationships! Awkward...? Essential...? Normal? Let’s find out!


This week is International Women’s Day and this year is we will be celebrating the theme of ‘Better the balance, the better the world’. But most importantly we will be celebrating period successes here over last year that envisions an end to period poverty.


Here at WUKA we are proud of our period pants and believe they are comfortable and reliable when it comes to wearing period protection. With different options of period products on the market, we wanted to use this post to take a closer look at the differences between WUKA pants and a menstrual cup.


Every woman has vaginal discharge, it is perfectly normal and is produced naturally. A woman will experience different types of discharge during her monthly cycle. In this blog we will talk all you ned to know about vaginal discharge.


Talking to your daughter about puberty and starting her period is not necessarily an easy conversation to have, especially if she has a learning disability. All sorts of questions and doubts may arise in your mind. For Autism Awareness Day, we have some tips to share to start the conversation about periods to your girls.

No, it's never blue and was never blue or will ever be. Period Blood are always red and shades of red. Tampax and Always have been lying to us all these years. Well! that is one myth busted. In this blog we will talk about #periodblood and what do the different colour at different stages of period means.


Period Naturopath and author of “Period Repair Manual" Lara Briden says “Zinc is the single most important nutrient for healthy ovulation and periods.  Read here for more info on periods and veganism.


Endometriosis is a chronic condition that can often bring much discomfort both physically and emotionally with a huge negative impact on your daily life. Find more on symptom, diagnosis and treatment and real stories of endo warrior here.


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