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Welcome to the place on the internet where we talk about periods. This is place for discovering period trackers and period calculators to keep an eye on your menstrual health. We go in depth into topics that matter to you like period pain, symptoms, light and heavy periods aswell irregular periods. You might have questions about bleeding between periods, how long will your period last and of course for the young ones out there, when will your first period start and what should you expect. Our writers bring together the latest content and information to demystify your time of the month.

We answer the questions most teenagers have such as "when will i get my first period" and "How will I know when my periods are going to start?" and "Will my periods be regular from the outset?" and many more. Read on for more.


What is Spotting? And what are the causes of it?

Each month, women experience the natural process of having a period. But occasionally there can be a little bleeding in between periods. Let's find out why.


There are so many great digital apps out there that can help you track your menstrual cycle. From the most basic period tracker to comprehensive fertility planning, there is definitely something out there for you. We have a list of 7 period apps that we think could work for you. Check out our reviews.


Urinary incontinence also known as overactive bladder (OAB) is a global problem. Did you know you can wear WUKA for all your various types of weak bladder issues. Read on for lots of useful advice on managing an overactive bladder.

Having heavy or painful periods can be one of the most frustrating parts of your menstrual cycle. Nine out of ten women of reproductive age go through some type of painful period each month. Let's look at the causes, some classic and some modern remedies.


Did you know one in 3 women experiences PMS? Time we talk about it and share information on how to understand and manage PMS. Let's start with what actually is a PMS?


PCOS is a common health condition among women of reproductive age thats affects 10 million women in the world. Between 12 to 18 percent of women between late adolescence and menopause have this syndrome which leads to an increasing possibility of infertility. Despite its frequency, near 70 percent of these cases remain undiagnosed. Find more about PCOS here: 

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Around 90 percent of women experience PMS of some kind every period. PMS sometimes can be sometime a bonding moment for some while devastating separating moments for others and everyone else around them. We have answered the most commomn question on how to react around someone who is experienceing PMS here.

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