WUKA® Period Pants - Light

WUKA® Period Pants - Light

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wuka period pants light

  • Wear it up to 8 hours on light days
  • Holds at least 5ml of period flow or light leaks - around 1 tampons worth
  • WUKA light underwear can absorb up to 5 ml of any kind of flow, like your period, stress or urge incontinence or vaginal discharge
  • How does it work?

♥️    Sustainable luxury by design

  • Luxurious, soft and stretchy Lenzing® MicroModal fabric that is CO2 neutral and 3.5x softer than fine cotton. Combined with our super absorbent hi-tech fabric and a breathable moisture barrier our pants are uniquely period proof.
  • Midi brief style with full coverage at the back without feeling bulky

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