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Supporting World Bee Day with Organic Cotton

Supporting World Bee Day with Organic Cotton

Happy World Bee Day!

Every year, World Bee Day aims to raise awareness of just how bloody bee-rilliant these little creatures are, and how vital they are to our survival. Bees are ‘super pollinators’, responsible for maintaining at least 80% of the world’s crops- meaning that without them, the human race would simply cease to exist. 

We rely on bees for the majority of the world’s food supply, and to maintain the balance of so many eco-systems too. Without them, plants and other animals would simply die out, and we’d find ourselves living in an entirely different world. 

So maybe the question we should all be asking ourselves is not ‘what’s so great about bees?’, more than it’s ‘What can we do to protect the bees?’ 

We’ve teamed up with the amazing Beevive this World Bee Day, to bring you a super little giveaway over on Instagram- but we also want to help spread the word on just how crucial it is to take action to protect these precious creatures too. 

Beevive do so much amazing work to raise awareness of these precious little pollinators, with their products designed to help us all become super heroes every single day. From bee revival kits to bee hotel kits, Beevive are truly on a mission to educate and spread the word on just how amazing bees really are.

So what can you do?

Choosing Organic Cotton

Beevive told us that one way we can all help is to choose organic cotton over regular. 

Organic cotton is cotton which has been grown without the use of harmful pesticides, thus protecting the delicate eco-systems that bees need to survive. Here at WUKA, we use organic cotton to bring you the softest period pants that are not only better for you, but for our planet too.  But it goes a lot deeper than that.

Supporting world bee day with organic cotton

How is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

Conventional cotton production uses more than 15% of the world’s pesticides, and this is a huge threat to our bees- and our food supplies. We need bees to pollinate our crops, flowers and trees. Bees are responsible for a third of the nutritious food we eat, so without them we’d literally starve.

But pesticides are killing the bees. Since the 1990s in the UK, we’ve lost a staggering 13 species altogether, and there are a further 35 bee species currently under threat. 97% of our wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s, meaning that many pollinators like bees now have literally no home in which to thrive. This can’t go on! 

But how is organic cotton the answer?

“One of the simplest ways to conserve our pollinator populations in an agriculturally reliant world is through organic farming. Consumers can rest assured that every time they purchase an organic product, they are supporting pollinator health,” said Dr. Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs for The Organic Center.

“Organic farming supports all of agriculture by maintaining and nourishing healthier pollinator communities, through practices such as crop rotations, hedgerow planting and the use of integrated pest management techniques. Our goal is to gain recognition for these important organic practices,” said Shade. 

Buying organic cotton means that you, as a consumer, are taking a stand against aggressive and harmful farming practises which are stripping the planet bare.

What else can you do to protect the bees?

Supporting World Bee day with organic cotton

The good news is that you can start to make changes today to protect the bees. Beevive have some fantastic ideas on their site, including this advice on reviving a tired bee with sugar water, and why exactly we should be steering clear of pesticides completely

You can also buy honey and support local beekeepers. Plant bee-friendly flowers in your garden or window box, let you grass grow longer, build a bee hotel with the kids. Do what you can, today, to protect the bees for tomorrow. Because without them, the alternative is certainly very bleak indeed. 

Shop WUKA organic cotton period pants  

WUKA Flex Logo, and WUKA Ultimate Organic Bikini are made using organic cotton. Both are available in medium and heavy flow, sizes XS to 4XL (Flex Logo) and sizes XXS to 6XL (ultimate Bikini).  

Supporting World Bee Day with Organic Cotton

The Flex Logo period pants are multi-size, so they can be adjusted to allow for bloating and swelling during your period too. 

Both The Flex Logo and the Ultimate Organic Bikini are made from GOTS Organic Cotton, and are a complete tampon and pad replacement for your period. So when you wear them, you’re helping the planet, helping your body and helping the bees. Win win!  Shop our WUKA organic cotton period pants here.


* *Giveaway runs from May 20th- 25th 2023* *

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What is World Bee Day?

World Bee Day is held every year on 20th May, and is a chance for companies and organisations to raise awareness of the importance of bees. Its vital that we all join forces to protect them now, to protect the future of our planet.

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. 

Organic cotton won’t harm the soil in the farm they are grown in and uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. It isn’t machine-picked, which means its fibres aren’t broken resulting in a softer feel.