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WUKA Meets Lenzing Fabric: Micromodal vs Cotton

We are so excited to bring you the new and improved WUKA using LENZING MicroModal fibers. Previous versions of WUKA were made using modal fabric which is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. But LENZING MicroModal? It’s even better. We are also able to improve our eco-footprint because LENZING MicroModal is more sustainably and responsibly produced, allowing us to Wake Up, Kick Ass and love our environment, too.

Why are we changing the fabric?

WUKA’s core ethos is to be responsible and loving to the environment of the world we live in. We want to be the most sustainable and eco-friendly business we can be, so we want to source our materials in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. We want to be mindful of the eco-footprint we leave in our production process. By using LENZING MicroModal, we are lowering our fossil fuel consumption too, much less than organic cotton. This change continues to allow us to challenge the environmental problem of the amount of single-use disposable products left behind in landfills.


Why isn’t WUKA made with organic cotton?

First, LENZING MicroModal is so soft it feels better than silk. We want our WUKA wearers to feel so comfortable, they forget why they’re wearing them in the first place. LENZING MicroModal absorbs more liquid at a faster rate than cotton, making it perfect for WUKA. Second, the production of organic cotton uses significantly more water than LENZING MicroModal. When bleaching or dying organic cotton, the chemical runoff is disposed of back into the environment, whereas 95% of the chemicals used in the production of LENZING MicroModal are recycled and reused again.

WIth WUKA, it’s possible to feel the comfort and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

Micro Modal

How strong is LENZING MicroModal?

LENZING MicroModal is extremely resistant to shrinking and colour fading, so you can wash your WUKA in temperatures of up to 40°. The strong fibers are high-absorbing and have antibacterial properties which is why they work perfectly in our pants as they will absorb any liquid quickly without leaving behind any odor. Because LENZING MicroModal is made of those thin, lightweight and ultra-soft fibers, they are also breathable, keeping your body at an optimum temperature while you wear them.

Beech Wood fibre

Where does LENZING MicroModal come from?

These fibers are sustainably sourced from beech wood which is a replenishable raw material. They are transformed into a pulp which is then broken down into a honey-like consistency. Then they are spun into the fibers which are then treated, washed, stretched, and dried. After this process, they are ready to be turned into the fabric which makes WUKA.


How sustainable is the production of LENZING MicroModal?

 The cycle of creating the LENZING Modal fibers is a closed loop ensuring that they are made as sustainably as possible with 95% of the chemicals used being recycled. During the production process, the co-product of sodium sulfate is recovered and then used in other industries like detergent, glass, and food.


Lenzing Modal

Chart made by LENZING

Lenzing micro modal

How long does a pair of WUKA last?

One pair of WUKA pants can withstand up to 20-30 washes before becoming less absorbent. So if you wear each pair one or two times during your period, they will last about 2 years. LENZING MicroModal is also certified compostable and biodegradable, so when you decide that you are ready to dispose of your WUKA, you can put it in the rubbish bin knowing it will naturally decompose.


If you are able to go a step further, we recommend cutting out the absorbing pads and disposing of those in the bin. The rest of the WUKA pants can be put in a compost bin.


What purposes can you use WUKA for?

  • Periods (Yes, even on your heaviest of flow days!)
  • Postpartum bleeding after birth.
  • Incontinence
  • Night Sweats
  • Menopause
  • Great for people with sensory processing difficulties


Do you have a question about other things you might want to use your WUKA for? Message us on Facebook or email us at hello@wuka.co.uk.


To order the new and improved WUKA, go ahead and place an order! We can’t wait to ship them to you.


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