The Winner of our International Women's Day Competition is...

We hope you all had a lovely International Women's Day, we spent our weekend at the Women of the World Festival which was very inspiring and we had the chance to meet hundreds of women and girls from all over the country and talk about our mission. 

Of course, you're all waiting to hear who the winner of competition to win 5 x WUKA underwear AND a WUKA Wash Bag. We have added all our entries from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram together and using our magic random entry picker have chosen a winner.

Before we announce it we'd like to share some of our favourite comments that inspire us to keep doing what we are doing..

facebook mention

twitter mention

facebook mention 2

twitter mention 2

Thankyou all for your kind words 💜we wish we could give away a prize to you all! For now, we have to announce our winner.

Congratulations 🎊


Michelle - from facebook - you are our Winner! 

winner entry

michelle our competition winner

Thanks everyone for sharing our message and congratulations again to our competition winner! 🎊🎉🏆




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