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Highlights from the Women of the the World (WoW) festival 9th and 10th of March

Wow, literally Wow, what an amazing weekend it has been. We had a chance to talk to literally hundreds of people about their experiences and to let them get hands on with our sample WUKA Wear!

Talking to women at WOW festival

We want to share some highlights from the weekend. Like past 6 years, WOW London festival this year was celebrated during the week of International Women's Day. It is a great event that celebrates women and girls, and looks at how we overcome the obstacles that try to stop them from achieving their potential.

100 years of voting, Women's voting rights

This year marks the 100th anniversary since some women got the vote in the UK and also the year where #MeToo shook the world bringing community of women together and stronger challenging safer and community for gender equality and gender equity. 

The event is a global network of festivals which provides a platform for celebrating what has been achieved and exploring all the ways we can change the world for the better.

In this few days we met some amazing people and amazing organisations, like Endometriosis UK, Women's Environmental Network, the Femedic, Bloody Good Period, Ruby Cup, Alicas, the Cup Effect, End Violence against women. 
We spoke to women from all walks of life including women in the forces who shared their story on how they manage their period when they are on field work to Afghanistan and other countries. 
One officer told us that while in Afghanistan, she had to suppress her period for 6 months as she wanted a hassle free time and not to worry about menstruation. Another talked about how timing of shifts and shift patterns affected the choice of period product they used, lots of curiosity about WUKA.
We also met Neelam Heera, one of the speaker at WoW and founder of charity organisation called Cysters
There were a good number of free events but for paid ticket holders there were some exciting sessions and workshops, from menstruation in space to Ruby Wax sharing her view on humanity!