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Celebrating Menstrual Health Week 2020- #Periodsinpandemic

Our Red Wave Talks- Part 2 is back with louder and prouder as we are once again joined by some amazing speakers from all sectors of period health to celebrate Menstrual Health Day 2020. 

Periodsinpandemic MHday2020

However, we have to adapt a few changes which mean you can join our live videos from the comfort of your own home for the next 10 days. So grab a glass of drink and be prepared to get informed education

Inspirational Speakers include: Natasha Piette, Ella Daish, Laura Coryton, Melonie Syrett and many more….

 This virtual event aims to bring together individuals, groups, businesses and organisations who have provided a significant contribution to break taboos and help create a #RedWave movement to liberate menstruation.

 As well as those working in the charitable sector, there are a number of start-ups and businesses creating new solutions to solve the challenges of menstruation for girls and women – and #RedWave Talks aims to give those groups a voice with this creative connections event. Yes we will be talking about choices, choices that every person has a right to know. 

 We will talk from tampon tax to language choices when talking about periods and period products.

When, Where, How and Who?


This is an 8 days event. Starting 21st of May


21st May- Thursday - Chella Quint - Menstrual Language How important is it? With Chella Quint 

 22nd May- Friday - Freedom4Girls- How Charities are changing lives of girls and women in UK 

 23rd May- Saturday- Ella Daish - Is our period an environmental burden?

24th May- Sunday - Laura Coryton - Sex Education/ Period Education at School

25th May- Monday - Natash Piette- WEN Freedom of information for chemicals in the product.

26th May- Tuesday - Speaker TBC

27th May- Wednesday- Melonie Syrett- Mother and Daughter- Normalising Period

28th May- Thursday-Sara Parker - Nepal and Period.



The event starts everyday at 7:30 pm till 8 pm. We will be live 2 min before the time to get ready. See you there. x