Pre-order updates

This is page is for WUKA customers who have placed a pre-order to stay in touch with our progress scaling up to meet your (amazing 🎉) demand. Thankyou for your support ❤️we will be open and transparent about our progress. If at any time you wish to reach our you can find us using the messenger button or via 


 Your order date Expected Delivery Update notes


Nov 12 - current


Dec 14th

Shipment is leaving factory on the 9th December, apologies for the delay - this is a new underwear production style that is always complicated the first time! They should arrive in our UK warehouse on the 14th and we will start shipping from then. 



4th May - August

Shipped 🚀

20/08/18 All pre-orders have been shipped!

09/08/18 The great shipping drive has begun! We will work through our pre-orders as fast as we can but this may take up to 14 days. We have:

✅Hired more people to help

✅Got all the supplies we need 

✅Moved into a giant warehouse 

✅Working double shifts and weekends

 Thankyou again for your amazing support ❤️

08/08/18  📣All our WUKA is due to arrive by this Friday (subject to customs clearance). We are all set at our WUKA HQ to ship your WUKA as soon as they come to us. Thank you so much for your patience and support. ❤️

01/08/18  📣The production is coming to an end. All your WUKA’s will be shipped from our production house on the 4th. 🚀

📢Then it's another 5 working days to come to us. 

The wait is finally coming to an end. We could not have done this without you. So a massive thank you for all your support and patience. 🙌🏽

We will start shipping ASAP it lands in our office 🔜

17/07/18 The production is in full swing and we are expecting all production to be finished by end of the July with a new fabric update. It will then take another 5-7days to come to us. We will then work to ship ASAP. 

18/06/18 If you haven't received an email that your order has been posted then you will receive your underwear in mid to late July. We will update on timings when they become clear.

Our factory has received our fabrics and will proceed with production shortly.

Thankyou for your support and patience in pre-ordering. With this next batch we should be able to stay in stock and satisfy all your needs without the wait. 👍



1st March - 

4th May


Shipped 🚀


20th December - 28th February

Shipped 🚀


Kickstarter - December 

Shipped 🚀
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