What is WUKA Period Wear?

WUKA is a reusable and machine washable period underwear coming to replace any disposable tampons, pads or pantyliners.


How does WUKA Period Wear work?

WUKA is made up of 4 layers fabric with a layer of anti-bacterial protection.
Inner / Outer fabrics : Both of these this layers are made up of soft, breathable, moisture wicking and luxurious fabric.
Central layer : The central layer is further divided into two: Absorbent layer as it says in the name absorbs the blood and interlocks its. It also has anti-bacterial properties and can hold 4 tampons worth blood.
Leak proof layer: This is the layer that prevent the blood from leaking.

How much blood can WUKA Period Wear hold?

You can wear WUKA all night or around 8 hours on any menstruating days. It can easily hold 4 tampons worth of blood, around 20ml, so you can rest assured you'll stay dry.


Is WUKA Period Wear hygienic?

Yes, the inner or central layer of our fabric has antibacterial properties. This helps to prevent the odour and bacterial growth. It's also machine washable, much better than hand washing and less hassle.


How do you wash WUKA Period Wear?

Washing is simple and easy. Machine wash at 40° and line dry.

Drying advice: As the underwear has several layers, it takes a longer time to dry than lingerie. So while washing ensure that your underwear has gone through full spin. This decreases the time to dry your underwear.
You can also put your underwear in the airing cupboard or by the radiator or dry in the sun.

Do not tumble dry as this could adversely affect the fabrics.

Can WUKA Period Wear be used for other purposes such as urinary incontinence or light bladder leaks or bleeding after giving birth?

Yes, our underwear can be used for many purposes from periods to postpartum discharge, endometriosis flow and bladder leaks.

Will the menstrual blood smell?

No, the antibacterial properties will help reduce the odour and growth of the bacteria. However, it is advisable to change and wash your underwear if you start smelling blood.

What fabrics are WUKA Period Wear made from?

Outer - front & Back Micro Modal
Outer - sides Polyester
Inner layer 1 PUL
Inner layer 2 Absorbant fabric blend

Where are they designed and manufactured?

They are designed in UK and manufactured in China by a very experienced team who manufacture underwear for many famous brands.

Our manufacturer has ISO standard Audits, BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) Audits, Confidence in Textiles (Testing for harmful substances) and Walmart certification.

What's the shipping cost?


💌 Free shipping 


💌 £3.80

Rest of World

💌 £10.00


What size can I get WUKA Period Wear in?

UK Size 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Waist Size - cm 60 64 68 72 76 80 88 96
International size equivalent* XS S S/M M M/L L XL XXL


*International size is given for reference only and differs per brand. Please measure your waist to get the best fit underwear for your body. 

Our underwear feels very comfortable and snug in any size, if you prefer a tighter fit we'd suggest going for the smaller of your usual sizes. For example, if you are a 10 - 12, then a 10 is likely to be better for you. You know your body, so ultimately you are the best judge of fit. 

What about stretch, slippage and gusset size?

WUKA Period Wear fabric has plenty of 4-way stretch, meaning it's forgiving on your body as you move about during the day. It's less likely to leave a line or feel clammy and tight than your usual underwear or a pad.

The waistband has a lot of stretch which means a gentle, comfortable fit but is less likely to slip as it has a large surface contact area. 

The gusset has a 25 - 27cm long absorbant fabric gusset. This is big! This means that whether you front, middle, back bleeder we have more than enough absorbancy for your flow. As the absorbant layers are integrated into the underwear you can relax that there will be no movement like the pad.