How Do Period Pants Work?

So you’ve got some questions about period pants. Hoorah! That happens to be our speciality, so you’re in the right place. Let’s get on with it and answer your burning question: How do period pants work?

What are period pants?

Period pants are reusable knickers that are designed to perform just like an ordinary pair of pants… except, they’re nothing like ordinary! Period pants are underwear that fully absorb your menstrual flow, so that you can say goodbye to tampons and pads, allowing you the freedom to simply bleed into your underwear… WITHOUT leaks.

WUKA period pants

How do period pants work?

Each pair of WUKA period pants has a super absorbent gusset which is made up of many layers. The layers in the middle are there to absorb and lock-in the blood. The outer layers are moisture wicking, so they help to make you feel secure and dry. No dashing to the loo to check your underwear in case of period leaks!





But don’t period pants smell?

Every layer in our period pant gusset is breathable, and this helps to reduce any smells (and any chance of infection too). Because the middle layers are absorbing the blood and keeping it away from the outer layers, the blood is prevented from passing through the underwear. This also allows airflow, which reduces the chances of sweating, thus reducing the risk of odours.

With all of this in mind, here at WUKA we always aim to tell it like it is- so you should know that if you do start to smell period blood, it’s time to change your period pants. Our best guess would be that the pants have been left soaking for more than a few hours, so despite the antibacterial properties that help to reduce odour and growth of bacteria, it can sometimes happen.

No drama! Just grab a new pair and you’re good to go.



So how long can you wear period pants for?

WUKA period pants can be worn for up to 8 hours straight- but since you know your flow best, that can vary. Let your body guide you.

(Shown below: Our  Super Heavy period pants) 





Do period pants contain chemicals to make them work?

We won’t lie to you. Some period pants do contain chemicals, used to prevent odours for example, or to dye them different colours. Here at WUKA, our period pants are made without added antibacterial spray, nor do they contain any harmful PFAs (industrial chemicals). 

You might also have noticed that our period pants come in one colour: black. This is so that we can bring you the most eco friendly period pants there are- with the absolute minimum amount of dye possible.





How long do period pants last?

WUKA period pants are a highly sustainable option for your menstrual cycle. They can be used for around two years before they need replacing, at which point you can return them to the earth via your local clothing recycling centre. That’s thanks to the planet friendly materials we use- read more about our sustainability mission here. 

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