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The All-New Super Heavy WUKA


Meet our brand new flow.

Super Heavy. The one that’s got your back, no matter what, when, where. For over 10+ hours in one go.

When we think of a heavy period, our minds may drift off to the times we’ve leaked. To the things we’ve leaked on. To the memories that have once made us feel ashamed of being on our ‘time of the month’. Or to the times where we’ve run out of all the products we’ve packed in our bag and we look around in a panic to try and find the nearest store or friendly woman who might lend us a tampon or pad. An almost-instant thought around a ‘heavy period’ often conjures a feeling of fear, shame, paranoia or inconvenience. The idea of a heavy period acts, at times, as a barrier to many things.

For those who work long hours on a shift, the inconvenience of changing products can be a barrier at work. Those who are active and their performance or mentality may be affected by this barrier. Or to those who may not have access to changing products so easily, or who aren’t sure if their flow is of a ‘normal’ amount.

We know the feeling. Confusion, fear, shame, dread, embarrassment.
Feelings that should not be felt when faced with a heavy period.


So we made Super Heavy.

The only pair of period pants that can hold up to 60ml of your flow. The most ANY period pants in the world can hold. With a gusset all the way from the front to the back - double layer of absorbency is only on the gusset section, the front and back is single layer only with 20ml absorbency. Keeping you dry and absorbing your flow for up to 10+ hours.

Made from Tencel collection, the fabric is extra breathable, cooling and is moisture-wicking. Eradicating the fear of smell, sweat, or feeling restricted, Tencel is 3 x softer than cotton so the levels of comfort are unmatched.


In two of our most popular styles: Ultimate High Waist and Ultimate Midi Brief. From sizes 2XS - 6XL. For everyone, and anyone.

Whether this is the first time you’re trying period pants, and you’re unsure which flow to go for or if you want that extra security whilst you sleep or are on shift, we’ve got your back.

We've got you no matter what your flow is.

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