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How To Keep Clean During Your Period

How to Keep Clean During Your Period | WUKA

Keeping clean on your period can make your cycle a lot easier. It is hard to feel good on your period, but it isn't hard to be clean. WUKA have the tips for you!

Tips For Feeling Clean and Fresh on your Period

When you’ve got your period and you’re feeling bloated, irritable and suffering with cramps, it can be pretty hard to feel as amazing as you should. And while we wholeheartedly believe that your period should never hold you back from anything in life, we also know when it’s time to slow down a little and apply a little extra TLC. 

One of the best ways to practise self care during your period? Get to grips with a really good hygiene routine so that you can feel fresh and clean, no matter where you are in your cycle. Here are our top tips to help you out:

Have A Bath Before Bed

Not many things in life beat the feeling you get when you sink into fresh, clean sheets at the end if the day and snuggle down for some sweet dreams. Make it even better and take a bath before go to bed- it can work wonders not only for period cramps, but for your sleep too.

There’s a reason why parents bath their babies at night. It’s a wonderful, whole body sensory experience that helps to calm and relax- but it’s also a pretty clever trick too. The warm temperature of the water will help to relax the muscles and slow the mind, but when you get out and your body temperature is forced to cool down, something special happens. Your body starts to produce melatonin in response to the change in temperature. This is the hormone that signals it’s time to sleep- so taking that bath should (in theory) set you up for a lovely, clean, comfortable night.

Put On Fresh Period Pants For Bed

Wear clean period pants to be | WUKA

We always recommend a fresh pair of period pants before you sleep, so that you can retire for the evening in complete confidence. No need to wake up through the night to change your pad, absolutely no risk of leaks, and not a chance that you’ll have to change your underwear due to tight waistbands digging in when you curl up.

We recommend our Overnight collection for this. With a range of styles to choose from (Ultimate collection , Leopard Print Bikini or Leopard Print High Waist) we just know there’s a pair there for you! Shop period pants by flow for more choice.

And rest assured that the extended gusset (don’t worry, it’s still comfy and they look and feel like normal pants) will provide full coverage and protection against leaks, even when lying down. So you wake up fresh and ready for the day!

Go To Bed Earlier

Sleep is so important, and especially when you’re on your period and more prone to feeling fatigued or low. Having a bedtime routine is a good idea (it’s not just for kids, we grown ups thrive on routine too) to help you wind down.

Try to avoid blue light for at least an hour before you go to bed- so no screens- and instead read a book or take a bath (see our earlier point). If you’re able to get a good 8 hours sleep, you’ll wake up feeling fresher- we promise!

Shower When You Wake Up

A shower first thing in the morning is guaranteed to wake you up, no matter what time of the month it is. But when you’ve spent the entire night sweating, fidgeting and bleeding, it just makes sense. Start the day fresh and clean.

Put Fresh Period Pants On To Start The Day

Even if you feel you haven’t really bled much through the night (some women experience a lighter flow when they lie down), you still need to change your period pants. We recommend that our Overnight period pants are good to go for 12 hours max- but we do recommend changing them more frequently, and definitely once you get up in the morning. 

Read our guide to period pants to find out more about how long you can wear them with confidence.

Bring Sanitary Wipes With You

Sometimes toilet paper just isn’t enough, so its a good idea to have a pack of cleansing wipes with you when you’re out and about. Make sure they’re specifically designed for use on the vagina though- no soaps, no chemicals and no fragrances. Your vagina has a pretty delicate pH balance that needs to be maintained to keep infections away.

And if you’re caught short, here’s a really handy guide on how to get period blood out of your underwear.

Change Your Period Pants As Needed

WUKA period pants are designed to be worn for up to 8 hours if needed, but we do recommend that you let your body guide you. If your flow is particularly heavy you’ll need to change them more often, so taking an extra pair out with you is a really good idea. Store them in a wet bag or wash bag until you get home, and follow our wash and care guidelines to ensure they stay absorbent and ready to go for next time.

Shop period pants by flow | WUKA

Shop Period Pants By Flow

Your know your flow best, so make sure you choose the right period pants for you. Some women like to have a few from each section to get them through their cycle. 

Our Super Heavy period pants are great for overnight or long journeys. They can hold up to 8 tampons worth of of blood and although we advise changing them according to your flow, they can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Heavy Flow period pants are perfect for the heavy days, where you need just a little extra protection against leaks, while Medium Flow period pants are great for the in-between days. Our Light Flow period pants also provide great protection- from spotting and other fluids towards the end of your period. Use these in place of a pantyliner, for example.

All period pants in our Shop by Flow collection come in a range of styles so that you can choose the right pants for you. Read our reviews and get in touch if you have any questions!

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How do you maintain hygiene during your period?

It’s really important to wash regularly- first thing in the morning and last thing at night- and in between in you feel you need to. But remember to keep soap and fragranced products away from your vagina- and absolutely no douching. Your vagina has a very sensitive pH balance that needs to be maintained to keep infections away.

How can I stop my period from smelling?

Period blood is supposed to have a mild odour, just as your vagina will have its own smell too.  But this should be mild and only really noticeable to you. Staying clean, changing your period pants regularly and cleaning the outside of our vagina only will help. 

If you notice a strong smell, that could be a sign of infection so you should speak to a doctor to discuss any other potential symtoms you might be experiencing. 

Is period blood clean or dirty?

Period blood is definitely not dirty! It’s made up of a combination of blood, endometrial tissue, cervical and vaginal mucus and vaginal microbes too. There are no toxins present in period blood. 

How to keep clean during your period | WUKA

Can I use soap to clean my vagina?

Soap can interfere with the natural bacteria your vagina needs to stay clean and healthy. Just water is fine down there!

Should I wash more often during my period?

It’s completely up to you whether or not you wash more often during your period. We recommend first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but as you know your flow best you might want to wash more often that that. Let our body guide you.

Should I wash the inside of my vagina?

Your vagina has the amazing ability to clean itself. Really! There is absolutely no need to wash it inside and douching is definitely not recommended either. 

Can I have a bath during my period?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a bath on your period. It’s a great way to stay clean and to ease period cramps too. Plus, you can lock the door and settle back with a good book, away from everyone else too.