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Why We Partnered with Choose Love this Black Friday


WUKA and Choose Love have come together to tackle period poverty. Read on to learn more about their partnership journey, period poverty and how you can join the fight.

Who are Choose Love?

Choose Love

Choose Love is a UK-based non-governmental organisation that supports refugees and displaced people in rebuilding their lives. They are powered by a vision of a world that chooses love and justice every day, for everyone. Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide aid like, lifesaving search and rescue, food, legal advice and now reusable period pants! They elevate the voices and visibility of refugees and galvanise public support for agile community organisations providing vital support to refugees along migration routes. Over the last 7 years, they have launched projects in 24 countries, reached 1.8 million refugees and raised tens of millions for over 300 organisations globally. At a time when the effects of war, economic hardship and poverty levels are at crisis point, Choose Love's work is in high demand - a cause WUKA are proud to support. WUKA interviewed Choose Love - check it out here.

How have WUKA and Choose Love worked together? 

WUKA Period Pants Donation

On May 28th 2022, aka Menstrual Hygiene Day, WUKA and Choose Love began a partnership with the goal to get vital period products to more people who need them. For every WUKA order during Menstrual Hygiene Day, WUKA donated a pair of period pants to Choose Love. Through this over 450 pairs of period pants were given to refugees and migrants in Northern Greece.

Continuing the mission to tackle period poverty one pair of period pants at a time, WUKA’S Give A Pair program was partnered with Choose Love, giving you the opportunity to give a pair of WUKA period pants to those in need for £5. Also, as a part of WUKA’s Ethical Black Friday 2022 offer, 1% of EVERY sale will go to Choose Love. By supporting WUKA X CHOOSE LOVE, you can put a relieved smile on someone's face who no longer need to worry about when their period comes. 

How can you help?


Did you know that the UK government doesn't recognise period pants as a menstrual product? Ridiculous right? Period pants are there to literally absorb your period but the government adds on a hefty 20% tax. This makes it more of a struggle for people to have sustainable periods. Unlike the UK Government, at WUKA we believe that having a sustainable period is not a luxury. Sign the Axe The Period Pants Tax, to stand up to the government and abolish the tax that is causing more period poverty and contributing towards 200,000 tonnes of waste each year. Nobody should be made to create waste because they have to use disposable products, which are also cumulatively more expensive in the long run!

Another way that you can tackle period poverty and stigma is by being mindful of how you spend your money. When supporting brands like WUKA, you are a crucial part of something bigger. By purchasing WUKA period pants, you not only make your period eco-friendly but you also support an organisation that is using its platform to fight against period poverty and stigma through speaking out and frequently partnering with charities. Also, you can 'Give A Pair' of WUKA period pants to those in need or donate directly to Choose Love.  If you fancy doing some high street shopping go to Choose Love’s shop at London’s Carnaby Street.

You can help to banish period poverty and stigma by educating yourself and others about period myths. There are so many misconceptions and falsehoods of menstruation all around the world. These myths often enforce the idea that periods are dirty and taboo. Take the time to learn the facts about periods. The WUKA blog is a fantastic place to read about all things menstruation from swimming on your period and tackling period myths to period sex

We are often taught that periods are something to be ashamed of, hello blue liquid in period product ads! A lot of us have hidden a tampon up our sleeve on the way to the bathroom. But we shouldn't have to! Periods are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. If you have periods, it can be great to talk about it openly, especially as this can have a positive domino effect. As well as this, you can use your voice to challenge those that spread harmful myths about periods and those that period shame

To find out more about Choose Love, read here.


What are period pants?

WUKA period pants are an eco-friendly, reusable period product. Available in many styles and sizes, WUKA period pants can be worn as you would wear your usual pants, except they absorb your menstrual blood. Learn more about how period pants work here

Does period poverty exist? 

Yes. More than 500 million women, girls and menstruators worldwide are in period poverty.

What is period poverty?

Those in period poverty struggle to access or cannot afford period products. This can lead to them missing out on work or school and therefore losing out on wages or education. Learn more about period poverty here.

How does period poverty affect mental health?

Like any other form of poverty, period poverty can affect the mental health of those experiencing it. Period poverty can cause people to miss out on work and school, causing isolation and stress. This also can be mixed with period shame, which can contribute to low self-esteem. 

Who does period poverty affect? 

Period poverty affects anyone who menstruates and cannot access period products, especially due to a financial barrier. 

What is period stigma? 

Period stigma is negative beliefs around periods. These include periods being viewed as dirty, shameful, and a subject that shouldn't be discussed. Period stigma can affect the wellbeing of menstruating women and people with periods. 


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