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Why period pants are the best Valentine's Day gift

Why WUKA period pants make a great gift for Valentines

Ever thought about gifting a pair of period pants? To yourself, your loved one, or best friend? Here's why WUKA period pants are the perfect essential Galentine and Valentine gift.

What makes period pants the perfect gift?

Ok, so period pants might not be top of your list when it comes to choosing a Valentines gift this year, but hear us out! We’re about to let you in on a little secret… period pants really can be the perfect gift. Really! If you choose to gift a pair this year, we guarantee you’ll be setting a trend that never ends- and here’s why.

Period pants are thoughtful

Thoughtful gifts are always well received, They show you care. They show you really know the person you’re buying for. They show you have their best interests at heart.

You, your friend, sibling or loved one us going to bleed every month for around 40 years. That’s a long time! And imagine being able to just bleed into your underwear, rather than having to change fiddly tampons and and pads in small toilet cubicles. Imagine the freedom you’re gifting with that one pair of period pants!

Gifting a pair of WUKA period pants isn’t that different from gifting a pair of normal knickers- something many of us wouldn’t think twice about doing. But when you gift WUKA, you’re adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness that will definitely be appreciated. 

Periods exist, and we’re all in this boat for the long-haul. Showing you care about your friend’s health and happiness (not to mention the planet) says a lot more than a box of chocolates would. Although, maybe pop the chocolates in there too…

Period Pants are long-lasting

Sick of giving gifts that don’t last two minutes? Flowers eventually wither, and perfume can be hit or miss too. But WUKA period pants are always going to be a hit!

They’re a gift that can be used and appreciated all year round. They won’t go brown and dry up in a vase and they won’t end up in landfill either. In fact, when cared for properly, WUKA period pants will last for up to two years, being there when you need them, for that all important first date, that crucial sporting event or that nerve-wracking job interview. 

WUKA period pants are there, every step of the way, whenever you need that little bit of extra TLC.

Period Pants are essential

Quite literally, WUKA period pants are essential. Your friend needs some kind of period protection, and our research has shown quite clearly that the disposable offerings out there just aren’t cutting it. Women aren’t always happy with their menstrual products, but in many cases they just don’t know what the alternatives are. That’s where your essential gift comes in.

WUKA has changed your life, now let it change you friend’s life too. You already know that your period pants are your period pal. WUKA truly is a gift that’s guaranteed to find a place in your friend’s heart, and in her underwear drawer too.

Period Pants are sustainable

The figures speak for themselves, but it’s always worth repeating the stats. Each year in the UK, a staggering 2 million tonnes of disposable pads and tampons are either flushed down the loo or sent to landfill., The damage this causes is frightening. But switching to reusable period pants can make a huge dent in that eye-watering stat.

Just one pair of WUKA period pants will save 200 disposables from wreaking further damage to our planet. By gifting that one pair, you’ll set a whole new chain of events in motion too. Your friend will fall in love with WUKA and will make the switch completely. Your friend will enjoy a sustainable period. Your friend will save 2 million tonnes of plastic waste. Amazing!

Period pants are great for new mums

Let’s not forget new mums this Valentine’s day either. Post-birth is an especially tricky time for many- all those hormones fluctuating, the sleepless nights, the sudden upheaval of life in general, not to mention the lochia (post-partum bleeding) that can leave her feeling even more exhausted…

That new mum in your life needs some TLC. It’s not advised that she use tampons for the first 6 weeks post birth either, so a pair of Postpartum Underwear might just be the best new mum Valentine’s gift you could buy!

Which period pants should I choose to gift?

We get it. It can be tricky buying clothes for other people, and especially underwear. So if you’re not sure where to go, let us help.

Shop period pants by collection

Our Stretch Seamless and Flex collections are both perfect for gifting this Valentine’s Day. They’re multi-sized, fitting a variety of body shapes and sizes. 

Stretch Seamless sizing ranges from UK size 6-22. They’re made using our patented Stretch Technology and give a gorgeous sleek silhouette, perfect for wearing under a little black dress- no VPL in sight!

Flex period pants fit up to 4 sizes, from XS-L and XL-4XL. Plus the Flex Detachable Bikini come with detachable straps for easy changing on the go- making them even more thoughtful and practical as a gift! 

If you do know the size you need, why not browse our gorgeous Lace Collection? Because who says you can’t feel sexy on your period? Available in a range of absorbencies, our beautiful lace period pants are the ultimate in sensual period pants. Yes, that is a thing.

And if you’re buying for a sports lover, check out our Perform Collection. Featuring active fabrics and construction, these are period pants, shorts, leggings and swimwear that’s guaranteed to make a fantastic Valentine’s gift for any gym bunny!

Shop period pants by collection here. 

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Which WUKA should I Choose?


Do period pants work?

Yes! WUKA period pants are made with a multi-layered gusset that absorbs your period flow. You just pop them on and bleed into them- no leaks, no fuss and no mess. 

Can you wear period pants all day?

You can wear period pants for up to 8 hours, but you know your flow best so let your body guide you. On heavier days you might need to change them more often.

Do period pants smell?

Period pants shouldn’t smell. Every layer in the WUKA gusset is fully breathable, and this helps to reduce smells and prevent infections. 

The middle layers of the gusset lock in the blood and draw it away from your body, keeping it away from the outer layers and allowing for airflow- which reduces the chance of sweating, and thus any odours developing. 

If you do notice a smell, it’s time to change your pants. 

Do period pants work for heavy periods?

Yes, Super Heavy flow period pants are great for heavy bleeding and can be used postpartum too. These pants will hold up to 12 tampons worth of blood. 

Heavy flow period pants are also great for heavy days and will hold up to 4 tampons worth of blood. 

Are period pants a good gift?

Yes, yes, yes! Period pants make a great gift because they’re thoughtful, practical, sustainable and useful. They’re also super comfortable and something slightly different too- no more boring gifts!