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Red Warning: Stay Safe and Wear WUKA

Red warnings are not new to us (😉 😉  ) but stormy days like today in the UK could be the chance for you to stay cosy and be safe with WUKA. If you still haven't tried WUKA, we always suggest starting when you are at home or when you go to bed. 

To help you through this stormy weather we have created WUKA's survival guide to Storm Eunice, trust me you’ll want to bookmark this.

Here are our top tips on surviving Red Warning

Sparkly Red Shoes to transport you safely back home. Okay, if you dont have sparkly red shoes then just ordinary red shoes will do. It helped Dorothy get back home safe!

red Shoes

When you reach home you need a book and a hot drink to relax.
You know which book we are talking about, of course, Period Power by Maisie Hill. This could be the perfect time to learn about your hormonal storms whether its red, green or amber……… and why you feel highs and low during your menstrual cycle. You can now get the Period Power book from our store. 

Period power book by maisie hill

Whether you are feeling the breeze and cold and or are having any discomfort and pain. Our Wearable Hot Water Bottle is bound to take you to next level of comfort. Warning! You might actually fall asleep during the daytime and completely miss the stormy drama of ‘ Storm Eunice’. 

hot water bottle

Without a doubt, our High Waist should be your go-to period pants. Made from Tencel which is 3 times softer than cotton. They are pants that expand with your bloat and give you the comfiest period ever, period.

High Waist period pants

We dare not add Chocolate to our survival kit, I don't know which brand is your fav, but mine is definitely Ombar and Tony Chocoloony. It’s a must-have survival kit to any Red Warning. 

Stay Safe, Stay Cosy, Wear WUKA