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Make a Splash with WUKA X The Wave Project

Make a Splash with WUKA X The Wave Project

Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with amazing charity, The Wave Project to celebrate the launch of our brand new swim collection! Read on to find out more about our powerful collaboration, and the story behind our gorgeous new colours!

Who are The Wave Project?

The Wave Project are a surf therapy charity, working to support young people in the UK with physical and mental health issues. The charity’s aim is to help young people build confidence and self-esteem, develop resilience and make friends. 

The Wave Project started with just one small group of surfers back in 2010, as part of an NHS funded pilot scheme. This initial group was a mix of young people diagnosed with mental health disorders, varying in severity. From there, the project evolved and expanded- and today, there are groups spanning across the South West of England, North Yorkshire, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London. 

Surf therapy is now a global movement, and it’s growing fast. In 2022 alone, The Wave Project supported 2,035 children and young people, with 644 of them taking part in surf therapy. And the result of this? 

  • 11.6% reporting an increase in calmness
  • 11.6% reporting an increase in resilience
  • 14.9% staying their confidence has grown
  • 7.1% have seen an improvement in friendships
  • 10/.7% say that their self-esteem has grown. 


Make a Splash with WUKA X The Wave Project

Why we’re partnering with The Wave Project

We’re so proud to partner with The Wave Project, and we’ll be donating a percentage of every sale from our brand new period swim wear for teens to help support more young people who are suffering with physical and mental health. So why is this important to us?

Here at WUKA we believe that nothing should hold you back in life, and especially not your period. Our mission is to wake up and kick ass every single day- but we know that this isn't the reality for lots of our young people. 

Post-lockdown, mental health disorders among young people have soared, with studies such as this one suggesting we’re facing something of a crisis right now. For girls in particular, varying degrees of PMS symptoms alongside other pressures (exam stress, relationship stress…) can impact negatively on mental health too. 

But we also know that exercise has been proven to improve emotional well-being, and can be an amazing source of therapy for many. The Wave Project’s Impact report shows us that. The charity’s work also highlights the effectiveness of blue spaces for emotional wellbeing. 

But the fact remains that there are still too many girls being held back by their period.

One in four girls are missing out on swimming and water-based activities due to their period- and we want to change this. By partnering with The Wave Project, we want to promote the work that they do as a charity, but to also spread the word to more girls that there is another option besides using chemical-laden tampons during your menstrual cycle. 

Our swim bikini bottoms are a complete tampon and pad replacement, they can be worn comfortaly underneath a swimsuit or wetsuit- and most importantly, they mean that no menstruating young person needs miss out on surf therapy with The Wave Project.

Introducing brand new swim colours

Alongside our popular black period-proof bikini bottoms, we now have four brand new and exciting colours in our period swimwear for teens collection, so that young people can make a splash- even while on their period!

Choose from Purple, Blue,Tennis Greenplus soon to launch Deep Pink, too!

Each pair is made using recycled nylon, with absolutely no virgin plastic used at all- preventing 200 disposables going into the ocean. They’re also UV50, so will protect against 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.

How our period proof bikini bottoms work 

So how do they work? Like our other period proof swimwear, the new bikini bottoms have a built-in gusset made up of three unique layers. 

  • The top layer is breathable, and it’s designed to feel soft and comfortable next to your skin.
  • The middle layer is highly absorbent, there to take in up to 3 tampons worth of blood. Its also moisture wicking and will keep the blood locked in, away from your skin. 
  • The final layer is aquaphobic, meaning that it's water repellent and works to prevent water from entering the gusset, thus keeping you leak free. 

So yes, you can bleed straight into these bikini bottoms, and no- it won’t leak out! They’re designed for light to medium days; you know your flow best, so you might want to use a cup as a backup on heavier days. 

WUKA X The Wave Project

We’re donating a percentage of every sale from the new period swimwear for teens collection until the end of August 2023- so what are you waiting for? Time to dive into freedom, embrace your period with confidence, and help us support The Wave Project in their essential work with young people!

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What sizes are the swim bikini briefs available in?

Adult Sizes range from XS- 4XL in both the bikini and high waist swim briefs. Teens Swim Bikini Briefs are available in sizes 2XS - L.

What styles are the briefs available in?

Two styles. The high waist style is available for adults whilst the classic bikini brief is available for adults and teens.

How do I know what size of Teen Swim briefs to buy for my child?

2XS-8-10, XS-10-12, S-12-14, M-14+. These are just for recommendation. We know all kids grow at different rates, so the best way to get the right size is measure the widest part at the hip and see our size chart to get the right size. 

You can always ask our customer support if you need help. Another way to get the size right is by matching with high-street brands, if your teen wears size 4-6 opt for 2XS, if they wear 6-8 go for size XS, If they wear 8-10, go for small size.

Is the swimwear chlorine safe?

Yes. Our period swimwear is seawater and chlorine-resistant which helps to prevent fading and keeps your swimwear long-lasting.