How to wash period pants

WUKA has put together a short guide on how to wash period pants, including hand washing, machine wash details and how to dry your period-proof pair. We have first listed for you the three mains steps and then created a specific content for each step below.

rinse period pants in cold water

Step 1 Rinse

After use, we recommend rinsing your period pants in cold water as soon as possible once removed, before popping them in the wash – but this is an optional step. Whilst optional, this gets best results as you can wash out most of the fluids that have been absorbed.

hand wash or machine wash period pants

Step 2 Wash

You can hand wash (more details below) or machine wash (more details below) your period pants, giving you the flexibility to wash and dry however you prefer. If opting for a machine wash, pop them in a cool wash on 30 or 40 degrees. Do not use fabric conditioner as this can damage the fabric and absorbent layers.

line dry period pants

Step 3 Dry

We suggest air drying your period pants and not popping them in the tumble dryer (more details below). This is so the quality of the leak-proof fabric stays in top condition and lasts longer.

wear for up to 8 hours, depending on your flow

Step 4 Ready For Wear

After rinsing (optional), hand or machine washing and then air drying, your period pants are now ready for your next period. Our mesh laundry bag is great for storing period pants in between cycles.

How To Hand Wash Period Pants

If you decide to hand wash your period pants, we recommend you don’t skip the pre-rinsing, and make sure to use cold water. A cold rinse will help to remove some of the fluids that have been absorbed and will help to protect the fabric, prolonging the life of your period underwear.

To rinse your period pants properly, gently rub the gusset (located in the crotch) under cold water, ringing the pants out a few times to wash the period blood away. When the water runs clear, you’re ready for the next step. Where you rinse is your choice. Some like to do it in the shower, some in the sink. The location isn’t important, as long as the water is cold!

After rinsing, wash your period pants by hand in cool water, using a small amount of mild detergent. Do not use fabric conditioner, as this can damage the fabric and reduce the absorbency of your period pants.

Gently scrub the gusset by rubbing the fabric against itself, rinsing frequently until the water is clear. Then just lay them out to air dry, ready for your next period.

Bonus tip: It’s a good idea to hand wash your period pants as soon as you can after wearing, as this makes the whole process a lot easier.

How To Machine Wash Period Pants

If you don’t have time to hand wash your period pants, don't worry. Luckily, they are absolutely fine in the washing machine, as long as you wash with similar, dark coloured garments and on a cool wash, 30 or 40 degrees. (We prefer 30, as it is kinder to the environment!)

Again, skip the fabric conditioner and air dry when washed.

Our WUKA Seamless and Period Swim Bikini require a cold wash only. If your machine doesn’t have this setting, hand washing is your best alternative.

We recommend treating your period pants as delicates, so popping them into the wash in our mesh laundry bag will help to help protect the fabric and prolong the life of your underwear. These handy little bags can also be used to store your period pants in after use, ready for your next cycle.

putting period pants in a washing machine

How To Dry Period Pants

We never recommend using a tumble dryer on WUKA period pants as this can damage the fabric and again reduce the absorbency over time. Instead, lay them flat to air dry, either on a line outside or an airer inside. Always ring them out thoroughly to remove excess water and to speed up the drying process.

Depending on the weather and how you dry them, your WUKA pants can take anywhere from around two hours to a full day to dry properly, so it is a good idea to have enough pairs for your period and to have a regular wash routine.

If you do find yourself needing a pair quickly, you can speed up the drying process a little by squeezing them inside a towel to remove as much moisture as you can. Hang them up to finish drying, outside if possible.

Bonus tip: Dry your WUKA period pants inside out, as this speeds up the process a little more.

Period Pants Care

Caring for your period underwear keeps them lasting longer and fresh for every period. Knowing how to look after your period pants is really important.

Regularly changing and washing your period pants also helps to prevent yeast infections, which occur when the normal balance of yeast and bacteria in your vagina becomes disrupted.

As yeast needs a warm, moist environment in which to grow, it is really important to not only choose your period pants wisely, but to care for them properly too. Our WUKA period pants have a gusset that is made up of several moisture wicking layers (each of which are fully breathable), so you stay dry throughout your period, and the risk of infection stays low.

your wuka is ready to be reused for at least 2 years

How often should I wash period pants?

We also recommend washing your period pants as soon as possible after wearing them if you can. This will help keep the gusset fresh and further reduce the risk of infection.

As a general rule, WUKA period pants love to be hand washed, and this method of cleaning can actually expand their lifespan, so if you have time, we recommend you do. Not everyone is able to though, so as long as you follow our machine wash guidelines, your period pants will thank you.

As already mentioned, never use fabric conditioner when washing your period pants, and avoid detergents with harsh chemicals and bleach too.

Why should I only use cold water to rinse period pants?

We also recommend you only ever rinse and wash in cold water. Hot water can damage the fabric and affect its absorbency, plus it can make it difficult to remove period blood, as the high temperature will make it stick to the fabric and ‘set’ in place. For this reason, it is vital to avoid heat altogether when it comes to caring for your period pants, so no tumble drying or ironing either.

If you are concerned about period stains and wondering how to get period blood out of your underwear, the same rules apply. Rinse as soon as possible with cold water only, then gently wash at a cool temperature. No heat and no fabric conditioner, then air dry flat.