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Reusable Period Underwear

Do you know how much your period costs each month, both to you and to the planet? Every year in the UK, 200,000 tonnes of disposable pads and tampons are sent to landfill – and we want that to stop. It is time to make the switch from disposable period products, and WUKA offers a collection of reusable period underwear in High Waist, Midi Brief, Bikini Brief, Hipster, Thong, Boxer Short, Leggings and Swimwear styles. Read on to find out more.

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Are Period Underwear Reusable?

The beauty of WUKA Period Pants is that they are designed to be worn again and again, as a complete tampon and pad replacement. They are not disposable; they’re reusable. They will not contribute towards landfill (once you’re finished with them, they can be recycled) and they are not made from plastic.

Each pair of WUKA Period Pants is made with a super absorbent gusset that is comprised of several layers. The middle layers are designed to absorb and lock in the blood, while the outer layers are moisture wicking and fully breathable, leaving you feeling dry and fresh, and reducing the risk of smells and infections. The layers are also leak-proof, so you can feel confident to wear them even on your most heavy days.

With proper care, your WUKA Period Pants can be rinsed, washed, dried and ready to use cycle after cycle, providing full protection during your period – without great cost to the environment.

Reusable Pads or Period Underwear

Reusable pads are another option if you are looking to move away from disposable period products. Though they are a better option in many ways, they still do not offer as much protection as period pants. 

Reusable pads can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, bamboo, hemp or synthetic fabric. They are designed to be worn inside your normal underwear and can be washed after use.

Some have a washable holder that clips to your underwear with a removable insert, and some are made in one piece. Both varieties come in different sizes depending on your flow.

reuse period pads

As with disposable pads, reusable sanitary pads will absorb blood during your period, but some women still feel the need to double up on protection on heavier days and overnight. Our WUKA period pants are designed to be a complete replacement, which means you don’t need to double up at all.

Our Heavy and Super Heavy Flow pants feature a high gusset that is very absorbent and slightly thicker than our normal styles. The WUKA High Waist Super Heavy will hold up to 60ml of blood (equivalent to 8 pads) and are perfect for overnight. 

The WUKA Heavy Flow pants also feature full coverage at the back (without feeling bulky, as some heavy flow pads can) and will hold up to 20ml of blood, or the equivalent of 3 normal pads. 

Ultimately, when it comes to reusable pads vs period underwear, the latter definitely come out on top for all-round protection and ease of use. Here at WUKA, we’re passionate in our belief that nothing should hold you back on your period – just Wake Up and Kick Ass!

Reusable Period Underwear Styles

Wondering what style of period underwear is right for you? Here’s a quick guide to the different styles.

High Waist Period Pants

Our WUKA High Waist Period Pants are available for Super Heavy, Heavy and Medium flows and are super stretchy too – with our Ultimate style offering up to 45% stretch at the waist to keep you feeling comfortable, even if you are bloated. 

High waist period pants are great for those days you want to feel supported and protected.

Midi Brief Period Pants

Our WUKA Midi Brief Period Pants are available in our Everyday™ range for non-period days; our Ultimate™ range for Super Heavy, Heavy, Medium and Light flow days and our Perform™ range with the Seamless Midi Brief for Heavy, Medium and Light flow (perfect for active days). 

For tweens (ages 9-13), our WUKA Ultimate™ Midi Brief is perfect for sports and active days, even when flow is heavy. We also have the WUKA School Set Tencel™ Midi Brief, created to ensure stress-free periods for students. Available for Medium and Heavy flow, this set also includes a handmade wash bag to carry spares – and we guarantee no stress, no leaks, and no odours.

The midi brief style is designed so that you can forget you are even wearing them – but rest assured that you still have full coverage when you need it, just without the ‘bulkiness’ that pads can bring.

Bikini Brief Period Pants

If Bikini Brief Period Pants are your preferred style, you can also get these in our Everyday™ range, Ultimate™ range and Re-Purpose™ range (made from re-purposed fabric). We also have the new WUKA Flex™ Logo Bikini and WUKA Flex™ Detachable Bikini period pants (available in Heavy and Medium flow) and the WUKA Swim Bikini Brief for light flow.

Our WUKA Flex Logo Bikini pair is designed to fit four (yes, four!) sizes and can be adjusted at the side to suit you. WUKA Flex Detachable Bikini period pants also fit four sizes and feature detachable hooks for easy changes in small spaces.

Bikini style briefs have a high cut leg and the same leak-proof protection as our other styles, so you can wear them with confidence, even on heavy days.

Hipster Period Pants

Our best-selling WUKA Basics™ range also features the Hipster Period Pants, which are designed to look just like normal underwear, available in Heavy and Medium flow. 

We also have the WUKA Ultimate™ Lace Hipster Brief for Medium flow, and both feature a high gusset for leak-proof peace of mind.

The Hipster style is low cut, so perfect for low cut skirts and jeans.

Thong Period Pants

Thongs and periods often aren’t mentioned in the same sentence but, because we’re determined that absolutely nothing should hold you back during your period, we are making a change! The WUKA Basics™ range also features a thong period pant suitable for lighter days, spotting and discharge. 

We also have the Re-Purpose™ Brazilian Thong, also for light days, that are just perfect for creating a natural silhouette, keeping VPL at bay and absorbing up to 7ml of blood or light leaks at the same time.

Boxer Short Period Pants

Boxer Short Period Pants are a great option because they are so super comfy! The WUKA Ultimate™ Boxer Shorts are designed for Medium flows and are body hugging with a high gusset for great coverage.

Period Leggings 

WUKA Period Leggings are suitable for Medium flow days and are fantastic for those who want to stay active no matter where they are in their cycle. 

Made from an eco-friendly recycled polyester, the leggings are lightweight, seamless and super absorbent with a hi-tech moisture barrier, making them period proof and VPL-free. 

They are a complete pad and a tampon replacement and perfect for daily activities both inside and outside the gym.

Period Swimwear

Gone are the days where swimming is a no-no thanks to your period. Our period swimwear is another reason why period underwear trumps pads and tampons!

The WUKA Swim Bikini Brief is available for light flow days and is made up of waterproof layers that you can wear to the beach, pool, or even wild swimming – a WUKA weekend favourite activity! These are so thin they can be worn under your usual swimwear, or you can go for our WUKA Period Swimsuit, for both Medium and Light flows.

The Swimsuit is designed to feel just like a normal costume, but with an ultra-absorbent liner. It will hold around 2 tampons’ worth of blood and has modest front and rear coverage, so you really don’t need to let you period dictate your fun.