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WUKA for Every Body

WUKA Size inclusive 2xs-6xl

For every body, every flow, every size and every underwear drawer.

Here at WUKA, something we really emphasise on is inclusivity. We make it a priority, actually. In all aspects - whether it be your flow, shape, size or preference of underwear style. 



Not only have we recently added a brand new flow: Super Heavy (which holds up to 12 tampons!), but we've been extending our size range. We now have WUKAs from 2XS-6XL, and it will run across all our styles. 

For now, we've got our beloved Everyday range for your non-period days, Basics Hipster and Thong and Ultimate Midi Brief in 2XS-6XL. 


Everyday Range (2XS - 6XL)

WUKA Everyday Non-period underwear
The one for the days you aren't on your period. But you sort of wish you were because all the WUKA fabrics on the period ranges feel so soft! That's why we made the Everyday Collection. Made from Tencel, for the iconic softness that we pride ourselves on, the Everyday underwear comes in two styles: the Bikini and Midi Brief cut. Paired with a bralette that is so soft you'll forget you're even wearing a bra, this is the ultimate everyday underwear. Sustainability never looked or felt better.


Ultimate Midi Brief (2XS - 6XL)

Our most popular style, the Ultimate Midi Brief is an all-round fit-for-everything.Made from eco-friendly and luxurious Tencel™, which is 3x softer than cotton, our WUKA wearers love the Midi Brief because of its breathability and non-bulky feel.Making it the perfect pair to wear to work, school, run errands and just go about your daily life. The perfect pair for any activity on your period.

 WUKA Midi Brief 2xs-6xl


Basics Thong (2XS - 6XL)

WUKA Basics Thong
For the days you think you might start your period any second...any day...any moment. And for the days you’re finishing, but there’s still a bit of spotting.
Basics Thong is the perfect pair for those days - where you don’t want to feel like you’ve got to wear full coverage pants just in case you start bleeding. It’s also the pair that reminds you, yes you can still feel sexy on your period, and wear that cute dress or skirt you wanted to. Or those leggings when you hit the gym, or an exercise class but you’re worried about spotting or light leaks. Basically, an anytime saviour for spotting, worrying about light leaks or when you’re on the last few days of your period finishing.


Basics Hipster (2XS - 6XL)

The one that transitions you into the sustainable period pants lifestyle, we like to say. Affordable, functional and cute.Great for nighttime with its high gusset lining, meaning that leaking isn’t going to be a problem when you’re getting your beauty sleep! Made from BCI Certified Cotton, the soft feel on these are promising you the undisturbed, peaceful sleep you want when you’re on your period. Our WUKA wearers love wearing these when they’re lounging around the house doing chores too, or just picking up their kids from school, or going to and fro from the shops. There’s a reason we call it Basics! Your basic essentials so you can complete your basic everyday needs, even on your period.We recommend sizing up in our Basic Hipster, as they come up a little smaller than our Tencel™ pants.
WUKA Basics Hipster 2xs-6xl



We could go on and on about how much we love these styles, and why we love them. But we want to hear why you love them, so we asked some of you to share your thoughts. Go, go, go - pop over to each style's page and scroll down to read what you all thought 🥰