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Our Promise to You

Try one - refund or exchange for a different size for free up to 40 days after purchase. Buying a multi-pack? We will exchange for different size up to 40 days after purchase. 


Size and Care Guide

Our sizes are generous and fabrics soft and stretchy, opt for the smaller size if you are between sizes. Machine wash at 40° and line dry. Rinse after use. For quick drying results, give it an extra spin. No tumble drying, no fabric softener.


what our customers are saying

After much deliberation I finally invested in a pair of period pants earlier this year, and I have been really pleased. Having always suffered from ‘flooding ‘ these have given me the extra reassurance and comfort , I wish they had existed when I was at school. I remember talking to my gran about the plastic waste issue 20 years ago and she told me that it was a small price to pay for the pain the reusable ones had caused her until the disposable ones came along.


My daughter loves wearing WUKA at school because there's no messy embarrassing of changing of pads. She also loves them for p.e because you can't even see she's wearing them and they are so comfortable whilst running . Five stars for such a great product.


I just wanted to say how wonderful your pants are. I use cup for my period but there is always a little leaks. I dont think they are sealing so well enough. My friend recommended me the WUKA light and now have 4 pairs. The go perfect with my cup and great to wear in the beginning and end of my period. 
highly recommend it. x


I just wanted to write to say how happy I am with your product. I wore them for the first time today and it has made such a big difference to my day.

I have a heavy flow and have suffered quite a few embarrassing leaks.....not today!

I can’t tell you how much better I felt knowing I could be confident and spend my day thinking of other things.


I liked wearing them at night, I preferred wearing them to wearing reusable sanitary towels at night.

Anon tester

Dear WUKA...
You have made a (disabled) woman’s life so much easier! Your knickers work amazingly well and using your measuring guidelines fit perfectly too! I can honestly say I will never be going back and when my daughters start their periods I will introduce them to WUKA knickers as well! Thank you



Designed for the menstruating body

🙋🏻 Super soft and body hugging with plenty of coverage for reassurance. WUKA allows you free-flow avoiding the internal drying and health risks of tampons. 


Eco-friendly fabrics

🍃 Our WUKA Heavy & Light are made from luxury fabrics derived from Beech tree fibres. Kind to the planet and your body. One WUKA replaces 100 tampons or pads from polluting the planet. Switch from menstrual cups to WUKA for a simpler time of the month.


Designed in the UK

🇬🇧 We use ethical manufacturers so our workers get fair wages, working hours  and social benefits. Our super-absorbent fabric is also manufactured in the UK ensuring its of the highest quality. 

Periods a-z

What Are the Best Drinks for Period Pain?

What Are the Best Drinks for Period Pain?

Did you know that over 84% of women suffer from period pain? If you're in the minority, then congratulations, you're the envy of women around the world! But chances are, you're in the unfortunate majority that gets some degree of pain when it's that time of the month. Whether it has you wincing throughout the day or curled up on the settee crying, you most certainly want to find some kind of remedy for this gift from Mother Nature. If you're wondering what you can and can't (or shouldn't) drink for period pain, then you're in the right place. Find out all the answers here!
7 Great Reasons Period Pants Are a Better Alternative to Period Cups

7 Great Reasons Period Pants Are a Better Alternative to Period Cups

Now that you know more about period pants and what makes them so great, try them yourself. They're leakproof, comfortable, and hygienic. Plus, you can wear them all day long. WUKA period underwear is a perfect choice for women of all ages. Our first-period pack appeals to teenage girls and includes three leakproof pants, a soft wire-free bralette, a wash bag, and a period guide.
How many Period Pants  do I need  for my period?

How many Period Pants do I need for my period?

We get asked this question a lot, and it’s a good question. You want to know how many pairs to buy so you can allow WUKA to take care of your flow.  So, we’ve put together three women’s experiences of using period pants, to find out how many they use per cycle. Hopefully, these answers will help you to decide how many pants you’ll need. Everyone’s period is unique, how many days we bleed for and how much we bleed varies. When working out how many pants you’ll need, remember that you can wash and dry your pants at the beginning and middle of your cycle, to wear again at the end of your period.